Radical Ultra

Function & beauty

HCP’s Radical Ultra stock pack has a contemporary soft square profile and can be decorated to suit products from lip gloss to highlighter, to glitter or metallic eyeshadows and even brow products.

With excellent formula compatibility, the Radical Ultra can be optimised by selecting from HCP’s wide range of flocked applicators to achieve the desired make-up look.

The thick-walled PETG bottle (OFC: 10.1ml) and base button offer complete or partial shade ID, with options to mould in transparent or opaque.

Applicator recommendations L-R: Leaf 853-8767 (lips), Dome 853-7739 (concealer), Ballet CH16007 (eye), Palm JLR-28 (blusher/highlighter), Geo Taper 853-8701 (brows).