A Mascara to Treasure

Create a luxury impression with HCP’s aluminium-clad ‘Magnum Mascara’ - revamped with vintage appeal.

Luxury lashes get the gold touch...

Creating a luxurious impression, HCP’s ‘Magnum Mascara’ is revamped with vintage appeal for the new ‘Heirloom’ trend collection.

Weighted for a premium feel and to perfectly balance in the hand during application, the stock pack (OFC: PP: 13.5ml/PET: 12.7ml) is clad in aluminium for a cool touch and chic metallic appearance.

Aluminium packaging offers a multitude of surface treatments for branding and patterns; with the beauty of the material exemplified with tonal, textured techniques such as double anodisation or pressing, rolling and laser etching.

For the ‘Heirloom’ collection, the satin gold pack displays an ornate filigree laser etched design complemented with a double-anodised monogram and logo.

Suitable for pairing with either twisted-wire or moulded brushes, the ‘Magnum Mascara’ is a versatile choice for achieving a wide variety of lash looks.

Enhanced length, lift & smart volume...

For luxury brands seeking a more refined and elegant lash look with subtly enhanced length, lift and smart volume, the ‘Cactus’ applicator is an ideal choice.

This moulded brush is offered in fossil-free, bio-based ‘Eco-Flexi’ material for a reduced impact on the environment without compromise to performance.