Because Every Lash Counts!

Mascara innovation for precise application...

HCP’s stock ’10mm Super Slim Mascara’ offers a unique combination of svelte pack aesthetics and two styles of ultra-slender fibre ‘Micro Brush’.

Enabling incredibly accurate and controlled application, the ‘Micro Brush’ is superior at catching and coating even the tiniest lashes on the lower lash line and inner corners of the eye. A must-have for lash extension devotees.

When held vertically, the tip of the brush can also be used to coat shorter front lashes, creating a wide eye look.

While the ‘Micro Brushes’ are undoubtedly effective for lower lashes, when formula is applied in a zig zag motion from root to tip to the entire lash fringe, excellent volume, length and definition can be achieved. Outstanding all-in-one results!