Bet You Can’t Believe I’m Not Plastic

EcoWood: bio-based, fossil-free & ready to change the face of beauty.

 Challenge your perception of sustainable beauty packaging with HCP's exclusive material innovation: EcoWood.

Get ahead of the game and make a bold change that will establish your brand as a real trailblazer when it comes to truly ground-breaking sustainable packaging solutions.

EcoWood is a planet-friendly, bio-based material that blends the functionality, aesthetics and versatility we expect from traditional plastics with the eco-credentials today’s consumer demands. 

This revolutionary fossil-free material is ready-to-go for HCP stock tottles without additional tooling investment – fully industrialised and samples are available for testing.

The sustainably-minded consumer can rest easy knowing the EcoWood tottle is ready for recycling and won’t release micro-plastics into the environment. 

HCP’s stock tottles are offered in 10ml, 15ml, 30 and 50ml capacities.


  • A bio-based, fully certified, renewable, fossil-free and toxic-free alternative to traditional materials.
  • Ready-to-recycle alongside PP/PE items.
  • FDA certified, contains certified PEFC fibres and is created from natural by-products of cellulose processing from the paper industry.
  • Carbon footprint neutral-to-negative over cradle-to-gate cycle.
  • Strong chemical resistance characteristics and compatible with Isododecane, SPF and aggressive formulas (subject to final testing with customer formula).


  • Versatile for low to mid viscosity skincare and complexion formulas.
  • The reducer plug ensures controlled dispensing.
  • The secure screw cap protects against contaminants and eliminates leakage.
  • Customisable with various finishes and decoration including: UV lacquer, silk screen inks or foils.