Brow Goals

The 'Sculpting Brow' precision-moulded applicator...

As brow trends shift to looks with soft definition and 3D texture, essential products to encourage this result include nourishing regrowth serums and gels.

Alternatively, to enhance natural fullness, a coat of clear or tinted fibrous gel locks brows in place, with an on-trend dewy finish.

Both types of product are effectively applied with the ‘Sculpting Brow’ applicator (SJ0198); an ergonomic design that achieves natural definition and even distribution of formula.

The innovative brush architecture combines tightly spaced conical bristles on the tip for precise definition to the head and tail of the brow, with wider spaced bristles on the flat side for generous loading to the centre of the arch.

A great match for the ‘Sculpting Brow’ is the stock 13mm Promo Mascara (OFC: 7.7ml) – available with a variety of cap and bottle options to suit brand identities and formulas.