Color Capsule – Portable, Pocket-Sized Skincare Packaging

Experience the sophistication & functionality of the 'Color Capsule' & set your brand apart in the competitive skincare industry.

Beauty packaging innovation at your fingertips...

The ‘Color Capsule’ is an innovative new pack design from HCP’s Design Futures team that embodies contemporary sensibilities with its elongated, domed profile. Designed to enhance the appeal of skincare and complexion products, this portable packaging exemplifies beauty and desirability.

The lightweight and flexible tottle, in contrast to the cool touch of the aluminium cap, creates a visually striking and tactile combination. This sleek design not only elevates the product’s aesthetic but ensures convenient, on-the-go use.

The squeezable 15ml tottle and slender nozzle enable controlled and targeted application, while its compact format makes it ideal for travel; portable and pocket-sized.

Skincare and complexion packaging innovation from HCP
Skincare and complexion packaging innovation from HCP

The versatility of the ‘Color Capsule’ makes it suitable for a range of mid-to-high viscosity complexion and skincare formulas; from light emulsion and primer to SPF, foundation and tinted moisturiser. It even caters to the booming haircare sector, with adaptability for root touch ups and nourishing hair serums. The tottle can be supplied with different material mixes to achieve the desired flexibility and dispensing control for different formula viscosities.

Mixes of HDPE/LDPE can be optimised to achieve the required flexibility and dispensing control and for superior barrier protection, an EVOH layer can be added. Brands seeking an ultra-transparent result and excellent squeezability can opt for Surlyn®. Additionally, to meet sustainability requirements, the tottle can be offered with a percentage mix of R-PE.

The chic, extended aluminium cap offers brands the freedom to unleash their creative vision through decoration. It not only provides effective and durable product protection but also maximises opportunity for customisation. HCP’s in-house finishing capabilities for aluminium enable brands to personalise this feature using various print techniques and surface textures.