Discover the Fierce Feline Flick

For a spellbinding eyeliner look that is both sultry and spooky

For a precise make-up look, eyeliner is a key category where the performance of the applicator is critical to provide accurate and controlled product transfer.

All eyeliner tips shown here are manufactured in HCP’s European facility.

Dramatic & Sultry

This thick tufted brush is an ideal choice to create impactful and extended cat-eye eyeliner looks.

KATE (FS114)
Versatile & Precise

This versatile rounded-end tip lends well to precise and artistic lines or delicate dots for a creative eyeliner design.

AMY (FS113)
Bold & Dramatic
This small flocked, chisel-shaped tip, is effective for creating winged eyeliner looks with filled-in, dramatic flicks.

Flawless & Feline
Ideally suited to achieving the feline flick, this flocked applicator glides on for a flawless and sweeping effect.