Double Drama

Eyes get an upgrade...

As consumers adjust to a ‘new normal’, statement eye make-up becomes an inevitable beauty focus and creative outlet for expression.

For brands looking to up their lash game, dual-ended mascara stock packs double the drama; giving the option for two separate lash looks, or to layer and build for the ultimate customised result.

Double Trim (851-9080)

Create a subtly enhanced, natural lash look with the 'Double Trim' fibre brush; achieving stunning definition and lengthening results.

Highly effective, this classic brush shape is the ultimate partner for all lash types.

Mini Panoramic Volume (SK0048)

For a more dramatic look with optimum volume and length, use the 'Mini Panoramic Volume' plastic brush on its own or as a second application.

6 rows of petal shaped intertwined bristles effectively load all lashes.

Collaborative & interactive...

HCP’s mascara experts are on hand to collaborate with brands in our global Lash Studios to achieve the perfect application performance for every product launch.