Dynamic Decoration

HCP are industry leaders in finishing and decoration

HCP offer the latest specialist techniques to transform stock and custom packaging with a wow factor to catch the eye of the consumer.

On-trend and visually appealing packaging is essential to stand out; creating a point of  difference and aligning with each brand aesthetic.

Late-Stage Differentiation

Many of HCP’s stock ranges feature a cover recess to fit a variety of decorative top-plates including flat plastic, dome, gel, textile, aluminium and paper.

Glitter Storm Reveal
HCP’s  patented ‘Glitter Storm’ decoration has been reimagined with a ‘reveal’ design; combining printed artwork with a glittter mix that flows through the artwork.

A wide variety of materials can be selected including ‘precious stones’, sequins, glitter, faux leather and suede. Logos can be added via hotfoil, screen printing and laser-cutting.

Aluminium top-plates can be customised to add unique decoration. Shown here, an intricate punched design reveals a brightly moulded cover beneath.

An ultra-chic fluted moulded design that can be colour-matched, sprayed or metallised to add an extra touch of luxury to the Radii Pressed Powder and Midi compacts.