Eco-Flexi: Bio-based Material Innovation for Mascara Brushes

Achieve next level sustainability with bio-based moulded applicators for lashes & brows.

Eco-friendly solutions with high-performance lash results...

‘Eco-Flexi’ is HCP’s exclusive and revolutionary bio-based replacement material for plastic moulded brushes – set to take the industry by storm.

Fully sustainable, Eco-Flexi retains the high-performance results expected from HCP’s precision-moulded lash and brow applicators.

  • An innovative food grade and bio-based TPE material replacement for Hytrel & SEBS materials.
  • Highly effective brush performance and compatibility with all types of mascara formulas (cream and waterproof) and applicator architectures.
  • Negative carbon emission from LCA (Life Cycle Analysis): -2kg vs Hytrel +3kg carbon emission
  • Material mix can be adapted to the optimal flexibility/hardness to achieve the desired lash look.
  • Contains biopolymers derived from natural and renewable resources.
  • The main raw material has an exceptional bio-based carbon rate: 80% (EN 16640)
  • Fully recyclable within the PP recycling stream.
  • Vegan, GMO-free & fossil-free
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Feather Comb (3 Rows)

This finely tapered comb-style patented applicator has a delicate tip that precisely reaches inner & outer corner lashes & is very effective for coating the lower lash line.

Feather Comb (4 Rows)

This comb-style brush in the shape of a feather is ideal to define & lengthen the lashes; while the tip of the brush helps reach the corner lashes. An extra row of bristles combs through the lower lashes effectively.

Full Cover & Curl

This unique patented arched design captures an optimal amount of formula within its reservoirs to deliver instant volume. The curved comb simultaneously defines & curls the lashes.

High Definition

Tronconical bristles placed around a conical body achieve high-precision application, gradually building volume, length & beautifully defining lashes.

Feather Lash

An ergonomic, curved applicator with patented arches for all-in one performance with volume, separation, curl & lengthening results.

Teardrop Petal

Petal shaped intertwined bristles positioned face-to- face to catch all lashes for precise application; achieving optimum volume, length, separation & curl.

Hourglass Springy

With a new generation springy bristle, the hourglass shaped brush achieves fast volume, curling & lengthening results. Ideal for soft & comfortable application.

Brow Styler

This ingenious 2-part engineered brow applicator combines thick & thin tronconical bristles to both load formula & add definition. The tip of the brush colours & styles the brow head, while the slender body shapes the tail of the brow.

Simply Brow

Suited to gel formula, this simple yet efficient moulded brush has tronconical bristles & a soft tip to gently define brows. The square body enables a controlled application to blend & build all styles of brow.

PCR materials from trusted sources

Pair Eco-Flexi precision moulded brushes with PCR packaging for an authentically sustainable program. HCP are trusted partners with the assurance of guaranteed, fully traceable recycled resins.

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