Elevate Sustainable Beauty Packaging with EcoWood

Redefine eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics with a true bio-based material that doesn't compromise on aesthetics.

Embrace a Sustainable Future with EcoWood...

In a world where making meaningful changes is paramount to combat climate change, HCP is proudly leading the way in the realm of beauty packaging with ‘EcoWood’: a unique and practical alternative to traditional materials.

Providing an opportunity to revolutionise the cosmetics packaging landscape and build a sustainable future, HCP implore brands to embrace ‘EcoWood’, an innovative material that is a fully certified, bio-based and fully-renewable alternative to plastic.

Available in 10ml, 15ml, 30ml and 50ml capacities, the ‘Radii Tottles’ are both compact and travel-friendly, perfect for on-the-go application of skincare and complexion products.

The tottle is highly versatile and suitable for sensitive and aggressive formulas, from primer and serum, to sunscreen, foundation and tinted moisturiser.The squeezable construction is manufactured with a reducer plug to ensure comfortable and controlled product dispensing.

Without negative impact on the recyclability of the EcoWood material, HCP can accurately colour-match the pack to align with a brand’s aesthetic vision or alternatively, opt for a translucent tottle for pigmented products that require shade ID.

Branding can be added using minimal screen printed or metallic foiled graphics for an extra touch of luxury. As well as providing effective sealing to ensure formula protection, the screw cap can be colour-matched, metallised or spray-coated to produce the desired finish, proving that style and sustainability can co-exist in harmony.


  • Ready-to-go for HCP stock tottles without additional tooling investment: fully industrialised and samples are available for testing.
  • A bio-based, fully certified, renewable, fossil free alternative to traditional materials.
  • Ready-to-recycle alongside PP/PE items
  • FDA certified, contains certified PEFC fibres and is created from natural by-products of cellulose processing from the paper industry.
  • Carbon footprint neutral-to-negative over cradle-to-gate cycle.
  • Strong chemical resistance characteristics and compatible with Isododecane, SPF and aggressive formulas (subject to final testing with customer formula).


  • Versatile for low to mid viscosity skincare and complexion formulas.
  • The reducer plug ensures controlled dispensing.
  • The secure screw cap protects against contaminants and eliminates leakage.
  • Customisable with various finishes and decoration including: UV lacquer, silk screen inks or foils.