Essential Luxe Mascara & Lip Gloss

Elevating cost-effective lip gloss, concealer & mascara packaging with opulent decoration

Versatile for mascara, lip, complexion or even hair categories...

The ‘Essential Luxe’ collection is a great example of how HCP’s industry leading decoration capabilities can elevate a simple and cost-effective stock pack to luxury status.

Versatile for mascara, lip, complexion or even hair categories, this pack offers a value solution with high-cavity tooling, high-capacity manufacturing output and the option for PCR materials.

The generous 19.7ml OFC makes the ‘Essential’ pack ideal for mascara, lipcare, lip gloss or complexion products such as concealer or highlighter.  

Endless decoration possibilities include metallisation, special sprays, printing or foiling, with the option of a standard or recessed cap to incorporate a decorative top-plate. The click closure adds a satisfying premium feel.

luxury packaging for lip gloss, concealer and mascara - sustainable PCR packaging from HCP

Essential Lip Gloss

Compatible with various flocked tips, this generous pack is effectively paired with jumbo applicators for a sensorial application.

Megalips Doesfoot
Lip Claim: quick and precise coverage.

Megalips Reservoir
Lip Claim: fast and generous loading.