For Brows that Speak Louder than Words…

Social media & beauty influencers continue to drive the obsession with perfect arches...

Brow trends are changing on a frequent basis and applicators are integral to creating the more natural yet groomed looks emerging in 2020 and beyond.

Read on to discover HCP’s recommendations to achieve the latest hot looks for brows.

mascara makeup packaging with mini fibre brush for grooming brows

Fluffed Up - MA7378

This mini brow brush is recommended for precise brow product application and grooming in one gesture.

The small, tapered fibre brush effectively fluffs up the brow hairs, giving a lifted and youthful look.

Manufactured by HCP Germany.

mascara makeup packaging with plastic brush for grooming brows

Natural & Defined - Brow Styler (SD0205)

A plastic applicator best suited for clear or tinted brow gel formulas and ideal for creating a natural yet groomed arch.

This 2-part engineered brush combines thick and thin tronconical bristles. The tip of the brush helps to colour and style the brow head, while the thin body of the brush shapes the tail of the brow.

Manufactured by HCP-SIMP.

mascara makeup packaging with fibre brush for grooming brows

Full & Bushy - Brow Ellipse (851-8333)

An oval soft-bristle brow brush that combs and applies product in a single application to create luxuriously full and bushy brows.

Manufactured by HCP USA.