Get in the Groove – Fibre Mascara Brush Innovation

Combine secondary trimming techniques with HCP’s patented ‘Spider Technology’ for maximum volume.

To give lashes optimum volume & definition...

HCP’s in-house MCT machines enable ultra-precise secondary trimming of any fibre mascara brush. By adding grooves in a vertical or spiral formation, the brush effectively captures more formula for fast loading of lashes.

To take the lash look to the next level, the ‘Double Trim Spider’ brush showcased here is modified with 2, 3 or 4 vertical grooves in conjunction with HCP’s patented ‘Spider Technology’. Tiny micro-spheres on the tip of each bristle simultaneously achieve fast volume and beautiful separation – eliminating clumps!

For brushes customised with vertical grooves, a smooth ‘grab and lift from root to tip’ application method is recommended. For brushes trimmed with spiral grooves, a fluid rolling gesture adds eye-opening uplift to the lashes.