Grafik Refill Compact

Refillable packaging that empowers brands to create, while reducing waste.

Introducing the Grafik Refill Compact...

As consumers actively seek alternative beauty packaging formats that are more eco-friendly, refill designs and recyclable constructions are proving popular. Driven by Gen Z and Millennial values, it is essential for beauty brands to make the move to sustainable packaging to align with consumer demand and their desire to make more environmentally responsible choices.

Sleek & Sustainable

HCP’s Design Futures team are committed to evolving our stock portfolio with smart, sustainable packaging solutions that don’t compromise on appearance or functionality, and are versatile and ergonomic.

As well as embodying sleek, contemporary packaging aesthetics, the Grafik Refill Compact has been innovatively constructed to enable easy pan refill and disassembly. The entire compact is designed for manufacture with mono-material PET; allowing the pack to be placed into the domestic recycling stream at end-of-life, once the metal pan has been removed.