Green & Gorgeous

With the health and wellbeing of people and the planet high on the agenda, the HCP-Eco team pro-actively develops sustainable and eco-friendly beauty packaging; optimising the opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Procured from reputable sources, HCP produce custom and stock packs in PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) resins of ABS, PE, PP & PET materials.

13mm Standard Lip Gloss

Keeping lips in tip top shape is an essential part of any self-care beauty regime, with nourishing serums, comforting oils and enriched glosses/liquid formulas.

With a lower environmental impact than items moulded in virgin material, this highly versatile cylindrical stock lip gloss is offered with a 100% R-ABS cap and 100% R-PET bottle.

OFC: 10.4ml

Pair with the following flocked tips for flawless application.

PCR lip gloss eco friendly makeup packaging


A unique design that hugs the lips with a curvaceous and flexible profile. Also effective for concealer products.

PCR lip gloss eco friendly makeup packaging


A soft, paddle shaped applicator for smooth and even application of shimmery and matt lip formulas.

PCR lip gloss eco friendly makeup packaging


A curved profile with a slanted tip to contour the lips. Product loading is enhanced with the small reservoir shape.

PCR lip gloss eco friendly makeup packaging


Easy handling with a precision tip; ideal for dotting concealer around the eyes and nose. Design patented.