Harmony PP Airtight Refill Lipsticks

A duo of mono-material lipsticks that are kind to lips & the planet.

Refill & recycle…

As consumers actively embrace eco-conscious beauty, the packaging industry is seeing an upsurge in the popularity of refillable and mono-material formats; enter HCP’s ‘Harmony PP Airtight Refill Lipstick’ and ‘Harmony PP Airtight Refill Slimstick’.



Perfect for both nourishing lip balms and pigmented lipsticks that give a bright wash of colour, these fast-to-market stock packs are each constructed in mono-material PP and are ready-to-recycle at end of life. PCR can also be utilised for the fashion parts.

The packs can be easily recharged time and time again; fostering brand loyalty from consumers who are looking to invest in a frequently used, sustainable product.

These versatile packs can be colour-matched and supplied in a variety of finishes, with opaque, tinted or frosted outer-parts that allow for shade ID. The refill mechanisms can also be integrated with custom fashion parts for a unique design.

Mono-material & airtight...