HCP x M:PLUS ‘Eye Brightener’ Liquid Concealer

A ready-to-go packaging, applicator & formula collaboration.

15mm Jumbo Concealer

A perfect pairing of a high capacity HCP stock pack with a large flocked applicator and hydrating concealer emulsion from M:PLUS.

With an OFC of 18.7ml, this stock pack is suitable for lip or complexion products.

The clear moulded bottle option offers shade ID to effectively display a wide range of skintones.

Cap: ABS (AL also available)
Bottle: PET (PP also available)
Rod: POM
Wiper: TPE (LDPE also available)

PCR materials also available.

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Megalips - Feedhole applicator

A jumbo flocked applicator with a reservoir that holds a generous amount of formula for optimum loading; ideal for high coverage concealer.

The slanted tip ensures targeted application to the under-eye area or blemishes.

Gently dab product onto the face to cover redness or contour, then blend with a finger, sponge or brush for a seamless finish.

Formula: 'Eye Brightener' Liquid Concealer

A formula to hide darks shadows and hydrate the eye contour, enriched with a natural resin that guarantees long-lasting effects.

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