HCP’s Lash Studio

Keep your lashes long & your standards high with HCP Lash Studio.

Collaborate to Innovate

HCP’s global Lash Studios provide beauty brands with valuable expertise in a creative and collaborative environment, to achieve impressive results and fast-track mascara and brow product launches.

Pairing on-trend formulas with customisable, cutting-edge technologies for both fibre and moulded brushes, our expert Lash Studio team configure and optimise targeted application
performance. On-site workshops can be held in our Lash Studios in Hinsdale, NH, North America; Tigery, near Paris, France; and Shanghai, China.

> Extensive industry expertise.
> Interactive on-site or virtual workshops.
> Revolutionary fibre & moulded applicator design.
>  Full-pack solutions for mascara & brows.
> Forward-facing & on-trend analysis.
> Systematic & performance-driven.
> Customisable & agile solutions.
> Synergistic mindset to ensure optimisation of results.
>  Significantly reduced development cycles.

Step 1: The brief

HCP meet with the client to define a product description; discussing targets, concepts, benchmarks & design ideas. A development timeline is agreed for the product launch.

Step 2: The formula

The desired lash look is identified & formula recommendations are made by HCP’s mascara experts. These are reviewed interactively to benchmark against targets.

Step 3: The applicator

Our vast portfolio of customisable fibre & moulded brushes is reviewed, with HCP sharing expert advice on suitable applicator pairings for the short-listed formulas.

Step 4: Lash Studio workshop

The customer is invited to join the HCP experts for an on-site or virtual Lash Studio workshop, where together the formula & brush pairings are tested & analysed.

Step 5: Evaluate & optimise

Reviewing the feedback, HCP’s team refines & modifies the applicator to optimise performance. A targeted panel study is conducted for objective evaluation.

Step 6: Get ready for launch!

All packaging aspects of the project are finalised; including approval studies, brush design & application system, container & decoration. Your new mascara pack is ready for filling!