Kind to Lips. Kind to the Planet.

Introducing the 'Harmony PP Refill Lipstick' - refillable, ready to recycle & ideal for soothing lip balms. 

A thoughtfully designed mono-material, all-polypropylene construction...

As an everyday essential beauty product reapplied throughout the day, lip balm products are prime to be optimised with the sustainable values of refillable packaging. For some consumers, lip balms are used up as frequently as every few weeks, so can be a significant contributor to cosmetics packaging ending up in landfill.

With more consumers embracing conscious consumption, committing to a product with a rechargeable format ticks the boxes of both reduced packaging waste and brand loyalty. Moving to more long-term product use is a simple and effective way to ease ‘eco-guilt’ as we all strive to live as sustainably as possible. 

HCP’s stock ‘Harmony PP Refill Lipstick’ is ideal for nourishing and soothing lip products such as lip balm. 

The fast-to-market pack offers the combined benefit of a refillable full-size mechanism plus the ease of being placed in single-stream household recycling, due to its thoughtfully designed mono-material, all-polypropylene construction. For significantly reduced environmental impact, for every 1 million packs produced there is a 11.8T reduction in plastic.*

For added eco-credentials, the fashion parts can also be supplied in PCR materials from trusted sources. For brands looking to create a unique aesthetic, the refill mechanism can also be paired with custom-designed fashion parts. To elevate to a more premium level, a weight can be added to the base to enhance the feel of the pack.