La Dolce Vita – A New Decorative Beauty Palette

A new PET beauty palette featuring a lively combination of colour, texture & pattern inspired by unapologetically bold Italian design.

A new PET beauty palette with endless opportunity for decoration...

Inspired by beauty, pleasure and the finer things in life, the ‘La Dolce Vita Collection’ embraces the extravagance of Italian glamour through vibrant packaging that catches the eye; displayed on a new beauty palette with decorative top-plates.

Featuring six unique top-plate technologies integrated onto the new HCP stock ‘Fusion Square Mid-Sized Palette – 9-Well’, the designs embrace the essence of maximalist fashion, parasol-filled beaches and artisan ceramics reminiscent of Italian luxe aesthetic.

For a flamboyant flair, golden accents have been incorporated throughout, alongside a saturated colour palette of vibrant summer tones including sunny yellow, fiery magenta and deep azure blue.

Packaging info...

Non-styrenic PET construction (cover, base & insert).

Available with a one-piece clear/opaque cover or two-piece construction to incorporate decorative top-plates. Option for a 9-well or pressed powder insert: versatile for eyeshadow, lip or complexion products.

Cohesive with the extensive ‘Fusion Square Deco’ collection, which comprises a trio eyeshadow, pressed powder and grande compact with a bronzer, bubble or mosaic insert.

Fully industrialised for speed-to-market and customisable for any brand identity.

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mid sized 9-well eyeshadow palette manufactured by HCP with a decorative cover
mid sized 9-well eyeshadow palette manufactured by HCP with a decorative cover

Opulent & striking decorative top-plate effects...