Meet the Affinity Airless Range

Effective. Controlled. Hygienic.

The latest addition to HCP’s growing skincare portfolio, the ‘Affinity Airless Pump’ is offered as a full pack solution with bottles or tubes. Combining high-performance dispensing with sleek aesthetics, ‘Affinity Airless’ offers a premium experience to the increasingly discerning skincare and cosmetics consumer. 

HCP’s ‘Affinity Airless Pump’ system enables highly-practical 360 degree application, fast priming and controlled dosing for an enhanced user-experience. The patented disc-valve engine upgrades the dispensing performance for highly viscous formulas. 

Airless packs offer an impressive evacuation rate to enable access to almost every drop of precious product; ensuring greater consumer satisfaction.

Perfect for active consumers, Airless packs are easily portable and convenient for use on-the-go.

A clean and hygienic packaging format, Airless pumps offer direct application to the skin with no air re-entry, eliminating contamination.

By limiting air exposure, the Airless technology maintains formula integrity and efficacy by providing effective product preservation and protection.

Affinity airless tubes for skincare

Airless pumps are suitable for low to high viscosity skincare and colour cosmetics formulas such as moisturiser, serum, cream, sunscreen, foundation, primer and other complexion products. HCP supply Airless Tubes in a wide range of diameters and lengths to best suit the required capacity and aesthetics; in co-extruded single-layer or 5-layer PE for high-barrier protection of sensitive formulas. Airless Bottles are offered in 15/20ml, 30ml and 50ml sizes.

Tubes or bottles can be moulded opaque, tinted or transparent for effective shade ID. Select from a wide portfolio of collar and actuator styles (including aluminium shells) to bring the packaging inline with any brand aesthetic. For a luxury appearance, customise with HCP’s extensive decoration options including vivid full colour printing, foils, special sprays and eye-catching metallic finishes.

Airless Skincare packaging and pump for sensitive and clean beauty formulas
Airless Skincare packaging and pump for sensitive and clean beauty formulas