Modular Mascara

Switch-up your pack profile

Modular packaging provides many style choices; select from various cap shapes and bottle profiles; manufactured in HCP Germany. Optimise the application system with twisted-wire or plastic brushes to achieve the desired lash look.

14mm Tapered Tall Mascara (OFC:16.9ml) with L-R: Stiletto cap (VK116/FL199) with Infiniti (SHCP0001), Treble Cap (VK199/FL199) with Spiki (SHCP0006), Tapered cap (VK157/FL199) with Mini Spiki (SHCP0019), Ellipse cap (VK178/FL199) with Wave Bow Tie (851-9167).

14mm Tapered Tall Mascara (OFC:16.9ml) with L-R: Dune cap (VK186/FL199) with Wave Shape (MA7382 Curved 2), Corset cap (SA102/FL199) with Spider 3 (MA7267 S3) and Athena cap (VK207/FL199) with Teardrop (MA7364).