*new brushes* Divine & Mini Full Cover & Curl

New sustainable moulded mascara brushes in bio-based 'Eco-Flexi' material.

For planet-friendly uplift & curl...

With beauty trends embracing curled and lifted lashes to give a natural, wide-eyed look, HCP showcase two new moulded brushes with unique patented arched architectures to achieve this result.

Both brushes are available in HCP’s exclusive bio-based, zero-plastic and fully sustainable material ‘Eco-Flexi’ for a reduced packaging program.

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A sustainable bio-based mascara brush for curling & lengthening results - supplied by HCP Packaging


An innovative, curved brush design with two patented reservoir arches that achieve superior product loading; coating the lashes from root to tip without clumping. The curved side enhances the lashes with curling and lengthening results.

A mini, sustainable bio-based mascara brush for curl, definition and volume - supplied by HCP Packaging

Mini Full Cover & Curl

Ideal for the Asian market, this mini-sized brush is designed with two patented arches to accurately curl, define and volumise lashes for a bold and lifted look.