*New* Jumbo Flocked Lip Gloss Applicators

New jumbo flocked lip gloss applicators for lips, eyes & complexion products.

Perfectly plush...

Give lips or cheeks a sumptuous treat with HCP Packaging’s range of innovatively designed jumbo flocked applicators.

For fast loading plus even and thorough coverage, these soft and supple applicators deliver product generously to the lips or complexion in a single swipe.

Showcased here in the 15mm Jumbo Lip Gloss package, with an ample OFC of 18.7ml.

This Jumbo pack is available moulded with PCR materials from trusted sources: R-PP, R-PET, R-ABS.

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A large yet precise design for accurate application of concealer, dotting across the face for even distribution of product. Also suited to lipcare products; use the flat surface to define to the cupids bow then smooth across the lips for even coverage.

Lip Allure

A flexible, dual design with a large concave surface to closely hug the lips for generous loading of formula, plus a tapered tip to contour the lips. Versatile for both lip and concealer products.


A large applicator with a curvaceous shape that hugs the lips for a gliding, sensual application; deal for soothing lipcare or sheer formulas. Extra-dense flocking elevates this applicator for a sumptuous application experience.

Lip Pillow

A wide and flat surface area with a finger-like shape for generous coverage; effective for gently swiping concealer or complexion products across the skin.

15mm Jumbo Lip Gloss

The largest of the HCP stock lip gloss collection, the Jumbo has a 15mm external neck thread diameter and a capacity suitable for value products.