*new* Skincare Pumps & Packaging

The start of a new skincare pump & stock packaging program from HCP: featuring atmospheric pumps, lotion bottles & refill jars.

Skincare pumps & packaging suitable for a wide variety of complexion products...

As more and more consumers look for holistic beauty solutions to counteract the stress, pace and environmental factors affecting their skin, HCP is excited to launch a new collection of skincare pumps and packaging suitable for a wide variety of complexion products. 

HCP has made a substantial investment in innovation and manufacturing capability to develop and industrialise a new patented pump system, called ‘Affinity’.

HCP are proud to present the initial launch of the ‘Affinity Atmospheric Pump’, with the ‘Affinity Airless Pump’ to follow.

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Customise to any unique brand identity with HCP's industry-leading finishes & decoration...

Featuring new pumps and droppers, in a a classic, yet contemporary round profile, the Fusion Round skincare collection fuses high-quality performance with endless versatility – allowing the brand to customise to their own unique identity with HCP’s extensive decoration capabilities. 

Showcased below are the same stock items, with dramatically different decoration.

Direction 1

Inspired by the elements, this calm-inducing collection epitomises a new sense of luxury with subtle and therapeutic tones found in the natural world. A beautifully soft matt texture gives a smooth and sensorial aspect to the packaging.

Direction 2

Light, bright and energetic, this design direction has a bold graphic style with vivid on-trend colours that will appeal to the Gen Z consumer. Devised to suggest a step-by-step skincare regime, the products will stand out on any bathroom shelf!

Direction 3

A more classic interpretation of luxury, a matt rose gold metallic finish elevates a palette of deep jewel tones. The bottles and jar base are moulded transparent to reveal the beauty of the thick-walled design.

Direction 4

With younger generations particularly receptive to the link between mind and skin, this design direction combines an intricate goddess illustration with uplifting light-reflecting holographic and shimmer finishes. The chic monochrome palette radiates sophistication.