New Stock: Echo 50ml Refill Jar

Proof that luxury, beauty & sustainability can co-exist.

Use it. Love it. Recharge it.

The ECHO 50ml Refill Jar is both premium and practical. This rechargeable jar reduces packaging waste yet retains contemporary aesthetics to suit all skincare and cosmetics brands.


– An environmentally conscious approach to consumption.

– The premium thick-walled outer jar is available in crystal-clear PETG material.

– Hygienic opportunity to replace the refillable PP inner pod again and again.

– A rechargeable skincare container that doesn’t compromise on quality.

– Great for creams and skincare treatments.

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Switch it up & make it unique

HCP’s extensive decoration and finishing capabilities give brands the freedom to enhance the pack inline with their brand identity; ensuring longevity, capturing the attention of the discerning beauty consumer and giving the retained packaging luxurious, aspirational appeal.

Lovely Lavender: Decorated with a gorgeous lilac lustre for a feminine and ethereal aesthetic.

Minty Fresh: Elevate a clean and crisp shade of green with a mesmerising, opalescent finish.