The Super Slim Refill Lipstick

Elevate luxury lip products by combining chic & slender aesthetics with a ‘refill & reuse’ packaging format; perfectly showcased by HCP’s ‘Super Slim Refill Lipstick’.

Use it. Love it. Refill it.

Encased in cool aluminium for an exquisite look and feel, the ‘Super Slim Refill Lipstick’ features a rechargeable mechanism for a sustainable design.

With a refined aluminium shell, the 6.3mm slimstick cup has a high-quality, smooth swivel; ensuring product can be precisely applied to define and contour the lips.

The contemporary, slender pack is available in a round and square profile and is further enhanced by a weight in the cap and base for a premium feel.

The lipstick case can be decorated with luxurious matt, satin or shiny metallic finishes to realise any creative vision.

Branding and patterns can be added via laser, diamond-drilling, embossing/debossing, double-anodising, screen print or foil.

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