Conceal, prime & highlight...

The growing popularity of natural yet glowing complexions demand beauty products that simultaneously colour and nourish, paired with packaging that offers effective shade-ID to display products in a wide range of skintones.

HCP’s newly launched online concealer catalogue showcases stock packs with a variety of constructions; whether in a compact, pot, bottle with flocked applicator or as a twist-up stick – HCP have it covered!

Top picks for concealer

Mega Lips Feedhole (853-8291)

Ideal to match with the 15mm Jumbo concealer, the feedhole feature holds the optimum amount of formula, with a precise flocked tip to target problem areas.

Mega Lips Reservoir (853-8735)

Paired with the 15mm Jumbo Concealer, this oversized flocked applicator has a reservoir feature to pick up a generous quantity of bulk for full coverage.

Mini Bowl (853-9144)

Pair the Fusion Glass Ultra with the Mini Bowl flocked applicator; a flexible design with a bowl shaped reservoir to hold and transfer extra formula.

Dome (853-7739)

Suitable for the Fusion Glass Ultra, this soft, domed flocked applicator is ideal for applying concealer or primer products in targeted dots around the nose or eye contour area.