Packaging & Applicators for Naturally Uplifted Brows

Feathery, brushed-up arches are the must-have brow look to complement natural beauty looks. HCP's precision applicators are a great partner for gel formulas to hold every last hair in place.

'Mini Brow' Brush & Pack

The ‘Mini Brow’ fibre brush is a miniature twisted-wire design that achieves a soft yet shapely result. With effective product loading, the densely packed bristles grab, lift and comb-through brow hairs for a natural, face-framing look.

Perfectly paired with the ‘Mini Brow’ stock pack; a slender container suited to tinted/clear brow gels or nourishing serums to promote lash growth. Supplied with a PBT slim rod to provide the perfect fit and application performance with smaller scale fibre brow brushes.

– PP/R-PP bottle (61Z)
– PET/R-PET bottle (6L8)
– 10mm diameter neck thread
– OFC: 4.8ml

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'Simply Brow' Moulded Applicator & Promo Mascara

Suited to gel formula, the ‘Simply Brow’ is a simple yet efficient moulded brush with tronconical bristles and a soft tip to gently define brows. The square body enables a controlled application to blend and build all styles of brow.

The ‘Promo Mascara’ stock pack is a shorter version of its full-sized counterpart; ideal for travel or brow products. Supplied with a PBT slim rod; suitable for either a fibre or moulded applicator for ultimate versatility.

– PP/R-PP bottle (51U)
– PET/R-PET bottle (6L7)
– 13mm diameter neck thread
– OFC: 7.7ml

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Or... fun, colourful brows!

In juxtaposition to natural looks, there is a trend for bright or metallic brows, as make-up looks that bring joy and self-expression emerge.

The ‘Mini Brow’ & ‘Simply Brow’ applicators are completely versatile for sparkly, shimmery or coloured formulas to achieve fabulous arches.