Pretty Chaotic – Fun & Interactive Beauty Packaging

Vibrant & playful make-up compacts with decorative, statement top-plates

A riot of colour combined with kitsch sequins & glitter…

The ‘Pretty Chaotic’ collection of Radii Round and Square compacts and palettes features HCP’s patented ‘Glitter Storm’ top-plate technology with a contemporary twist, bringing a fun and playful approach to cosmetics packaging.

Inspired by a combination of Memphis design aesthetics and the cuteness of the Japanese culture of Kawaii, this collection displays digitally printed statement patterns, infused with energetic tones of ‘Zesty Lime’, ‘Bubblegum Pink’ and ‘Digital Lavender’.

Styled with a modern edge, the ‘Pretty Chaotic’ collection presents interactive top-plates revealing custom sequins and glitter suspended in liquid.

Geometric shapes, iridescent glitter and a cartoon cat-face create quirky and impactful packaging, ideal for a younger consumer seeking charming, novelty cosmetics.