Raising the Brow Game with Precision Applicators

HCP's super-slim fibre micro mascara brushes ensure precise application; effortlessly catching & coating every individual brow hair for full, 3-dimensional texture.

Micro-brushes: feather & fix for volumised, textured brows...

Shape and fix fluffy brows, boost sparse arches with natural texture or create the coveted ‘dewy’ look with HCP’s range of micro-precision, ultra-slender twisted-wire brushes.

Super Slim Brush Micro Brush

A short super-slim brush to accurately comb through over-plucked or patchy brows, catching even the tiniest baby hair for boosted volume and 3D texture that mimics natural brow hair.

Single Taper Micro Brush

A slender, tapered micro brush ideal to apply thicker formulas to tame and feather fuller brows; naturally flattering the facial structure with lifted brows.