Self-Care Beauty: Targeted Application

Enhanced skincare application...

Personalised skincare regimes are intrinsic to the growing 'Self-Care' trend; targeted skincare routines increasingly require packaging that is dedicated to the application of formula to specific areas of the face such as the eye contours, imperfections, lips and laughter lines.

Controlled dispensing of premium and concentrated product precisely delivers the optimum dose to the skin for an effective performance.


Available with either single or double-wall bottles, the Auto-Dropper series offers a wide selection of combinations to best suit the brand and formulation.

Suited to serums, the dispensing system achieves a premium gesture as the dropper is automatically pre-loaded for an effortless application and controlled dosing.

Capacity: 10ml/15ml/20ml/30ml/40ml/50ml

Dosage: 0.4cc

Single Wall Airless (SWA Line)

For creams or serums, this single-wall pack has a crystal-clear premium appearance and offers great barrier properties.

The airless pack has an accurate, low dosage which is ideal for localised-area treatments.

Capacity: 15ml/20ml/25ml/30ml/35ml/50ml

Dosage: 0.2cc

Airless Tubes

Available with cylindrical or oval profiles, this versatile series of airless tubes for corrector creams or eye treatments.

The tube collapses flat as the product is used, providing a better product evacuation than a standard tube packaging.

Capacity: 10ml - 90ml

Diameter: 25mm/30mm/35mm

Dosage: 0.2cc