Self-Care: Luscious Lashes & Brows

Nourish & protect

With self-care and natural make-up looks top trends of the moment, many consumers are looking for nourishing and protecting products for lashes and brows that encourage health and regrowth.

HCP offer a selection of special applicators and stock packs that are ideally suited to this growing category, for a targeted and gentle application of treatments and serums.

Applicator recommendations

Curved Plastic Comb (MA 7243)

This threaded curved applicator is effective for applying treatments directly to the roots of the lashes.

Primer Lash (XP05833-51)

A slim and soft brush to gently apply formula to
the roots of the lashes.

Double Taper (MA 7109)

A tapered brush profile with soft 3mil solid fibres, ideal for a comfortable application of lash treatments.

Multi Lash (XP-04102)

A flocked, threaded applicator that is suitable for nourishing treatments and serums, providing an effective yet soft loading of formula to the lashes.

Audrey (FS111)

A flocked applicator with a tapered profile for targeted application of nourishing product along the lash line.

Marilyn (PU175)

This thick tufted brush is an ideal choice for lash serums to apply formula directly to the roots.

Stock pack recommendations