But First… Coffee: Luxury, Refill Lipsticks

A collection of super slim refillable lipsticks displaying a perfect blend of style & sustainability, elevated with coffee-inspired luxury finishes.

Showcasing HCP’s stock ‘Super Slim Airtight Refill Lipstick’...

The ‘But First… Coffee’ collection is a perfect blend of luxury, sustainability and performance.

Combining rich, warm tones of brown with shimmering metallic and matt finishes, these packs are accurately colour-matched to each lipstick bullet for a stylishly sleek aesthetic.

The slender aluminium lipstick packaging is designed for precision application; a multi-purpose format effective for twist-up eyeshadows, highlighters and lipsticks.

Offering opportunity for customisation, the ‘Super Slim Airtight Refill Lipstick’ features a refillable mechanism for a sustainably-minded design.

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Formulas curated by A&H Cosmetics...

The ‘Latte Make-Up’ trend for beauty looks created with shades of nude and brown is a perfect match for the ‘Super Slim Airtight Refill Lipstick’.

This elegant super slim refillable lipstick pack is easily adaptable to products for not only lips, but eyes and complexion. The slender bullet enables accurate application to the eyelids, brow bone and other facial contours that can be illuminated with highlighter or bronzer.

The collection of hues showcased here are endlessly blendable to create a bronzed and radiant take on neutral make-up.

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