Sustainability: the word on everyone’s lips.

The Super Slim Refill Lipstick: packaging too beautiful to throw away!

Beautiful & functional

Consumers are increasingly asking: Why should sustainability and luxury not go hand in hand? To meet this demand, HCP have expanded their stock portfolio of premium lipstick packaging with elegant, sustainable aluminium formats; designed to be treasured, admired and to bring ‘the feel good factor’. 

HCP know that in order for consumers to consistently use a refillable product, it has to be both beautiful and functional. 

For climate-aware beauty chameleons who like to switch-up their lip colour to suit their mood, refill lipsticks offer a sustainably-minded packaging format with the option to simply click in the colour choice of the day.

When upgraded to luxury status, refill lipsticks take on a high-fashion sensibility and increase brand loyalty with the built-in benefit of repeat purchase behaviour.

For premium brands consciously curating their product lines with planet-friendly packaging, HCP’s stock ‘Super Slim Refill Lipstick’ is a chic, rechargeable design that doesn’t compromise on the wow-factor – available with a round or square profile. 

Featuring a 6.3mm cup for accurate application, this lipstick makes a bold style statement with aluminium cladding and an on-trend ultra-slender design. HCP’s industry-leading decoration capabilities enable brands to differentiate, while aligning the pack with their unique creative vision.

Encased in cool aluminium for an exquisite look and feel, the ‘Super Slim Refill Lipstick’ features a rechargeable mechanism for a sustainable design. Proving luxury and sustainability can co-exist, the aluminium parts can be manufactured in recycled materials.

With a refined aluminium shell, the 6.3mm cup has a high-quality, smooth swivel; ensuring product can be precisely applied to define and contour the lips.

The contemporary, sleek package is further enhanced by a weight in the cap and base for a premium feel. The lipstick case can be decorated with luxurious matt, satin or shiny metallic finishes for a refined sense of luxury. Branding and patterns can be added via laser, diamond-drilling, embossing/debossing, double-anodising, screen print or foil.