Totally Devoted to Refill – The Devotion Lipstick

Ensure brand loyalty with HCP’s ‘Click & Use’ refill lipstick mechanism.

A full-size refillable lipstick that combines style with a sustainable packaging format...

HCP’s ‘Devotion Lipstick’ is a classic full-size pack that combines a high-performance mechanism with a sustainably-minded, refillable design.

For brand loyalty, the ‘Devotion Lipstick’ has a special ‘Click & Use’ feature for the refillable mechanism that only twists up after assembly with the base (patent pending). The PET fashion parts can be easily separated for recycling or provided as R-PET.

Style the ‘Devotion Refill Lipstick’ with a playful flash of colour by moulding the locking ring at the base of the mechanism to match the bullet. When paired with clear outer-parts, this creates a fun way to demonstrate shade ID or a brand’s identity.

Additionally, the refill mechanism can be utilised with custom fashion parts for a completely unique design.

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