Twist Tottle – A New Twist on Refillable Skincare Packaging

A unique & ergonomic tottle innovation to distinctively set your brand apart.

Combining innovation & inclusivity...

The ‘Twist Tottle 30ml’ from HCP’s Design Futures Team is an accessible new pack that enables one-handed dispensing and is suitable for liquid cosmetics and skincare products.

The raised tab feature helps ease of opening, especially when the consumers hands are wet or a one-handed opening gesture is preferred.

Engineered with accessibility in mind for those with motor-dexterity challenges, opening the Twist Tottle is significantly easier than unscrewing a traditional threaded cap.

Perfect for travel, the tottle’s squeezability and portable size makes it an ideal choice for on-the-go beauty products such as sunscreen, foundation and serum as well as haircare.

Twist Tottle - refillable & accessible beauty packaging for skincare & cosmetics
Twist Tottle - refillable & accessible beauty packaging for skincare & cosmetics

In addition to its functionality and aesthetics, the ‘Twist Tottle’ is also environmentally friendly and is ready-to-recycle within the PP/PE recycling stream. PCR materials are available for reduced environmental impact.

There is also the option to include an EVOH layer for enhanced barrier properties. Being a refillable format, the ‘Twist Tottle’ features a two-piece cap that can be screwed onto a new refill base bottle for easy replenishment.

This functional yet versatile construction can be manufactured in various material mixes to ensure the perfect level of flexibility, compatibility and protection for different formula types and viscosities.

The sleek and contemporary profile of the ‘Twist Tottle’ makes it suitable for all brands and market levels. The cap can be customised with colour matching, spraying, or metallisation to produce visually stunning aesthetics.