UNO – The Mono-Material Jumbo Mascara

Sustainable solutions for mascara: mono-material, PCR packaging & high-performance bio-based brushes.

Supporting the circular economy for plastics...

With today’s consumers becoming ever more eco-conscious and focused on recycling, beauty packaging made from a single material family is an increasingly favourable option. 

The multi-material construction of many traditional beauty containers can prove an obstacle to recycling; especially when disassembling the pack by hand is impractical for consumers. 

Manufactured in HCP Germany and composed entirely of the PP/PE material family, HCP’s stock ‘14mm Jumbo Cylindrical Tall Mascara’ is a mono-material packaging solution that is ready for single-stream recycling.

For an extra boost, the ‘UNO’ collection also incorporates recycled materials. The fibre and moulded mascara brushes are manufactured in bio-based materials for a planet-friendly application solution.