IT Cosmetics – Lash Blowout

“It’s blowout lift, volume & drama - for your lashes!” - IT Cosmetics

When IT Cosmetics Co-Founder Jamie Kern Lima had the idea to name her next mascara ‘Lash Blow Out’, she turned to her friend and founder of Drybar®, Ali Webb, for advice on creating salon-quality volume – and lots of it! Together, these two beauty trailblazers co-created a mascara that is truly revolutionary in its make-up results and packaging design.

Professional hair stylists create volume by wrapping sections of hair around a barrel brush in the opposite direction of growth; similarly, IT Cosmetics suggest emulating this technique for lashes by sweeping the brush up and through lashes, slightly rotating the wand forward and away from the face.

IT Cosmetics created a unique and attention-grabbing custom HCP pack incorporating an ergonomic handle design for effortless application and control with intense volume. The design was innovatively created to look like a volumising hairbrush. The pack is styled in an ultra-modern grey and vibrant yellow combination, with metallic foils contrasting against the matte finish.

Inspired by the technology used to create barrel hair brushes, the specially designed fibre brush features HCP’s patented Spider technology; microspheres at the end of each bristle gently grip each lash for root-to-tip application; delivering beautiful separation, instant lift and clean volume.