Lise Watier – Stardust Eyeshadow Palette

In 2017, cosmetics brand Lise Watier celebrated 45 years of beauty, innovation, and passion for providing women with the finest make-up, fragrance and skincare products. Entrepreneur and businesswoman, Lise Watier was one of the first women to establish herself in the Canadian cosmetics industry, at a time when it had become dominated by large multinationals. The brand has continuously evolved while still holding true to its core values of quality, innovation and diversity.

For the Autumn 2019 launch of their ‘Stardust Eyeshadow Palette’, the brand has selected the HCP stock Radii Square Grande Palette (97I) with 9 well insert; transformed into a festive and dazzling display by adding the HCP patented Glitter Storm decoration to the cover. Coordinating with the 9 highly pigmented shades, a stunning mix of glitter and holographic stars swirl against a midnight blue backdrop.