Maogeping – Forbidden Palace Collection

Chinese make-up legend Mao Geping founded cosmetics brand Maogeping; one of China’s leading domestic brands, launching products that are inspired by Chinese classical poetry, paintings and costumes to reflect the country’s rich history. The Maogeping x Forbidden Palace collection is a collaboration with the Palace Museum; inspired by the Imperial Palace in central Beijing, China. HCP are pleased to supply Maogeping with four custom compacts to suit eyeshadow, blusher, highlighter and concealer products.

The ‘Magnolia Spring Multi-purpose Rouge Palette’ has a design of a magnolia blooming pressed into the product. The domed profile compact has a two-piece cover with a transparent orange outer-cover, revealing a gold foil decorative design applied to the inner cover. A bold gold monogram has been hotstamped to the outer cover. The double-layer insert allows for a puff, sponge or applicator to be included; with a full size mirror for application on the go.

HCP are proud to present four compacts that are variants of a custom compact design with a vivid yellow gold metallised cover, base and insert with a push button closure.

The premium two-piece cover features a semi-transparent orange section with a double-layer gold foil design beneath and above to add a luxurious sense of depth.

The ‘Jade Gold Multi-purpose Pressed Powder’ is a high-lustre golden highlighter that features a pressed pattern inspired by mountain flowers for an ultra opulent effect.

The ‘Jade Cloud Multi-Purpose Eyeshadow Palette’ features a breathtaking pressed eyeshadow design; inspired by the Nine Dragon Wall outside the Imperial Palace of Ningshou Palace in the Forbidden City.

The ‘Cloud Bright Quad Eyeshadow Palette’ has a sunflower-shaped insert that combines both Chinese charm and modern style. An applicator recess appears alongside, with an embossed monogram.

The smallest of the compacts, the ‘Yu Yan even clean concealer’ duo enhances natural beauty; making the entire face velvety soft; creating a flawless and transparent base.