Maogeping – Pure Jade Skincare

Luxury ‘Pure Jade’ skincare

The ‘Pure Jade’ skincare range from Chinese brand Maogeping is a stunning example of luxury custom caps, supplied by HCP. Each two-piece cap design has a thick-walled semi-transparent outer part moulded in an elegant pale jade hue, revealing the gold metallised inner part.

Pure Jade Toner

To combat the first signs of aging and enhance the skin’s lustre, this light and luxurious toner has a silky texture to promote smooth and beautiful skin.

Pure Jade Radiant Essence

With a luxuriously thick texture, this essence helps youthful skin resist lines forming while giving a delicate and dewy effect, restoring elasticity and smoothness.

Pure Jade Cream

This mousse-like soft silky texture penetrates deep into the skin to condition and brighten; restoring moisture and nourishment with it’s natural ingredients.