Marie Dalgar – Halo Eyeshadow Palette

The eye-catching ‘Halo Eyeshadow Palette’ from Chinese brand Marie Dalgar’s ‘Color Studio’ line features a unique decoration with a 3D printed decorative top-plate. The HCP stock Radii Rectangular Palette has been transformed with a highly detailed three-dimensional geometric design in gradating hues of red and pink, with a debossed glossy badge showing the brand’s logo.

The red cover and base are given extra tactile appeal with soft touch spray, while the custom insert displays ten eye-shadow colours and an applicator recess. The full size mirror in the cover is a great size for applying eye make-up on the go, with dynamically named colours such as ‘Sunglow’, ‘Flame’ and ‘Flash’ to create a dazzling warm-toned beauty look.