Marie Dalgar – Puzzle Nine Palette

HCP have produced the ‘Puzzle Nine Palette’ for Marie Dalgar – a bright and fun product with an eye-catching illustrated design to the cover with surreal eyes, lips and quirky patterns.

Presented in the HCP stock Radii Square Grande Compact with a glossy black cover and base, the pack is completed with a full-colour printed paper top-plate to showcase the brand’s highly creative graphics at their best.

The co-ordinating glossy back custom insert houses nine square wells in a grid formation, displaying a selection of shimmery nude eyeshadows, accented with warm toned pinks, reds and oranges to create a more dynamic look and to contour the eye socket.

The ‘Puzzle Nine Palette’ is a versatile product that can be creatively used for a variety of looks – from the office through to party! Sold with a hot pink brush to perfectly blend the eyeshadow hues.