Mark Wirlen – Soft Velvet Foundation

The perfect blend of Ukrainian and Italian expertise packaged in HCP's stock 'Radii Tottle'

A harmonious balance between formula & packaging aesthetic...

Combining the best of Ukrainian and Italian expertise, premium cosmetics brand ‘Mark Wirlen’ is dedicated to designing accessible beauty products for all women. 

The brand’s CEO, professional make-up artist Oksana Ilechko, is committed to creating simple and comfortable formulas that can be adapted for everyday wear or professional use. 

Infused with vegan ingredients, the ‘Soft Velvet Foundation’ is a long-wearing, medium-coverage formula that melts into the skin’s surface, evening out skin texture and pigmentation to deliver a naturally radiant finish. 

For Mark Wirlen, the world of cosmetics is not limited to simple creation of formulas and textures. It is a creative process that is closely intertwined with design development; a harmonious balance between the formulation and the external aesthetic appeal of the packaging. 

mark Wirlen soft velvet foundation supplied by HCP
Mark Wirlen soft velvet foundation supplied by HCP

Presented in HCP’s stock ‘Radii Tottle 15ml’, the glossy, black moulded tottle is paired with a metallised silver cap to establish a cohesive elegance. This subtle yet premium aesthetic complements the tottle’s soft, squared profile. The brand’s minimalistic logo has been foiled onto the tottle’s centre to provide a final touch of style.

Available in a selection of capacities including 10ml, 15ml, 30ml and 50ml, the ‘Radii Tottle’ range offers effective dispensing of complexion products and can be customised to complement any brand aesthetic with HCP’s industry-leading finishing capabilities.