Nabla – Dreamy Creamy Liquid Lipstick

Part of Italian Indie brand Nabla’s ‘Mystic Collection’, the Dreamy Creamy Liquid Lipstick has a luminous finish with a rich and creamy texture. The hyper-pigmented formula plumps the lips for a fuller pout, with long-lasting comfort due to the passion fruit seed oil and rose-hip oil infused vegan and cruelty-free formula.

The brand has taken a fun and seductive approach to describing each shade, with names such as ‘Vicious’, ‘My Rules’, ‘Hedonist’ and ‘Mood for Love’.

The HCP stock 13mm Fusion Sleek Lip Gloss (64M | OFC:5.4ml) has been decorated with a celestial design: the aluminium cap is anodised in gunmetal grey and the clear moulded bottle has two passes of geometric motifs in gold and silver foil. The gold foil cheaterband shows the Nabla logo reversed out.

Nabla selected the HCP stock flocked Ballet applicator, which features a softly rounded tip with a two-sided flat surface for optimum agility during application.