Nabla – Metalglam Liquid Eyeshadow

This highly-pigmented and long-wearing liquid eyeshadow with a metallic finish is part of NABLA’s Denude Collection. Formulated with pigments, pearls and micro sparkles, this smooth formula sweeps over the eyelids for a flawless, glistening finish.

Presented in the HCP stock Fusion Glass Mini Lip Gloss with a thick-walled PETG bottle that displays all the desirable qualities of glass but none of the fragility. Decorated with a stunning rose gold pearl spray to the cap; also applied as a gradient on the bottle with the lower portion revealing the product shade.

The flocked Feather applicator enables direct application to the eyelid with both accurate and generous coverage for a super intense, mirrored effect. The fingertips can also be used to blend the eyeshadow and create a softer look with a dramatic wet effect.