The recently completed construction of the expanded HCP-RUSI European facility, in Bechhofen, Germany, has significant impact on HCP’s global manufacturing strategy with increased production capacity, reducing lead times in injection moulding and supply.

The increased level of automation achieved with newly installed machinery offers a cost effective manufacturing solution within

Europe. The extended facility optimises a global synergy of technologies; significantly the design, development and manufacture of lip gloss and mascara, incorporating twisted-wire brush production and plastic brush assembly. There is now increased moulding capacity with a substantial EU regional facility for decoration, while adding a wide range of stock packs to the HCP portfolio.

About Rusi

Rusi is the one of the leading European companies in the cosmetic packaging industry. Acquired by HCP in August 2017, Rusi develops, produces and markets complete cosmetic packaging for mascara, lip gloss, and eyeliner, among other lines. The company’s headquarters and production site is located at Bechhofen (near Nuremberg), where there is a unique heritage in the segment of brush manufacturing. For this reason, Rusi has decades-long expertise in the production of different mascara brushes as well as, for example, brushes for make-up, eye shadow, blusher, etc. Rusi’s product range extends to lipsticks, powder puffs, foam applicators, application systems for cosmetic pencils, eyebrow brush combs, and cream spatulas.