On the 31st August 2017 it was announced to customers that HCP – with the support of controlling shareholder Baring Private Equity Asia – has reached agreement whereby HCP will acquire a 100% stake in RUSI Cosmetic GmbH & Co. KG from Mr Klaus Sindel and other asset- / share-holders; the transaction closed today.

Rusi will provide the core HCP manufacturing platform in Europe and its commercial and operations functions will be fully and seamlessly integrated into HCP. Rusi’s President will report directly to HCP’s Group President and CEO. There will be no further management changes announced at this stage.

“HCP values the wide range of product category expertise that Rusi possesses which we intend to build on by investing in a significant plant expansion to better support our customers’ regional sourcing objectives in Europe. In addition, with both SIMP and Rusi under one umbrella, HCP can offer very compelling full-pack mascara solutions locally”, according to HCP CEO Eddy Wu.

SIMP will continue to operate as a separate organization to ensure its ability to serve customers who purchase brushes from SIMP directly.

Added CEO Eddy Wu, “with Rusi joining the HCP family, we are realizing our dreams of being the world’s leading mascara solution provider and at the same time moving toward much more regionally-localised manufacturing in each of the markets we serve”.

HCP’s management has stressed that notwithstanding this change of ownership for Rusi, it is business as usual with no disruption of service due to this change.

HCP was advised by Synercom France (Mr Richard Juhel), while Rusi was advised by Thorwart Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater Wirtschaftsprüfer Partnerschaft mbB (Mr Toralf Sparbrodt).

About Rusi

Rusi is the one of the leading European companies in the cosmetic packaging industry. Rusi develops, produces and markets complete cosmetic packaging for mascara, lipgloss, and eyeliner, among other lines. The company’s headquarters and production site is located at Bechhofen (near Nuremberg), where there is a unique heritage in the segment of brush manufacturing. For this reason, Rusi has decades-long expertise in the production of different mascara brushes as well as, for example, brushes for make-up, eye shadow, blusher, etc. Rusi’s product range extends to powder puffs, foam applicators, application systems for cosmetic pencils, eyebrow brush combs, and cream spatulas.